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Inventory Optimization: Focusing on Fast-Moving & High Margin Variants

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As an e-commerce merchant, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your sales performance and inventory management. One of the most important metrics to help you achieve this is the Inventory Replenishment for Fast-Moving & High-Margin Product Variants report.

The report is calculated based on the units sold and the gross margin for each product variant. The top 20% of high units sold are fast-moving, and the top 20% of high gross margin products are considered high margins. The report provides valuable insights into each product variant’s sales performance and margin, enabling you to make informed decisions about inventory management and reordering.

Here’s an example of what an Inventory Replenishment for Fast-Moving & High Margin Product Variants report could look like:

Product VariantUnits SoldAverage Selling PriceGross MarginAction
Product A100$10$500Reorder
Product B200$20$1000Reorder
Product C50$5$100Do Not Reorder

This report provides a clear understanding of which product variants are fast-moving and high-margin, helping you make informed decisions about inventory management. Assist’s analytics platform allows you to access this critical metric and others to view your business performance comprehensively.

Take control of your e-commerce business with the Inventory Replenishment for Fast-Moving & High-Margin Product Variants report. Contact us today to learn more about how Assist can help you grow your business and achieve your goals.

Don’t wait; install Assist on the Shopify App Store and use this influential report to grow your e-commerce business!

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