Sales Reports

Sales Reports is a powerful feature within Assisty that allows merchants to understand their sales performance better. With this feature, merchants can access various pre-built sales reports, such as sales by product, location by location, collection by collection, and vendor. Additionally, merchants can also create custom reports to fit their specific needs.

Here are the benefits of using the Sales Reports:

  • Gain a Competitive Edge with In-Depth Sales Analysis
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions with Detailed Sales Reports
  • Streamline Your Sales Process with Customizable Reports
Gain Insight into Your Product Sales

Get a comprehensive understanding of your product sales performance with a detailed analysis of individual products, product categories, and sales trends over time.

Track Sales by Customer Location

Track Sales by customer location and gain insight into the geographic areas where your products are most popular. Analyze sales by country, state, and even city to identify key markets and target advertising efforts. Use this data to make informed decisions about inventory levels, marketing campaigns, and more.

Analyze Sales by Collection

Uncover trends and patterns in your sales by breaking them down by collection. Understand which collections are performing well and which need attention with our easy-to-use collection sales analysis feature.

Understand Sales by Vendor

Get a clear picture of which vendors are driving the most sales for your business with our “Understand Sales by Vendor” report. Drill down into specific vendor performance, track sales trends and make informed purchasing decisions to optimize your inventory and increase revenue.

Optimize Channel Sales

With Assisty, you can easily track and optimize sales across all channels, including online and offline sales. Get a detailed breakdown of sales by channel, such as website, brick-and-mortar store, and more. Identify which channels are driving the most sales and make data-driven decisions to improve overall sales performance.

Analyze Sales by Customer

Gain a deeper understanding of your customer purchasing behavior with our sales by customer report. Track customer spending, purchase history, and identify top-performing customers to improve your sales strategy and increase customer retention.

Monitor Sales by Payment Method

Track and analyze sales by payment method to understand which methods are most popular among your customers and optimize checkout accordingly.

Track Sales by Order Status

Track and monitor the progress of your sales by order status. Understand which statuses drive the most revenue and identify any potential issues with cancelled or refunded orders.

Analyze Sales by Promotions

Easily track and analyze the effectiveness of your promotions by analyzing sales data specific to promotional campaigns. Identify top-performing promotions and make data-driven decisions to optimize future campaigns.

Understand Sales by Shipping Method

Understand how different shipping methods impact your sales. Gain insights on which shipping options are most popular among customers and which drive the most revenue for your business. Use this information to optimize your shipping options and increase sales.