Not another BI tool with outdated dashboards

Build the best-performing team with Assisty, your Business Analytics chatbot.
You ask – Assisty answers in just seconds – like a smart, diligent assistant.

Meet Assisty – Your Personal Business Analytics Assistant

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Ask and get instant answers

Ask any questions about sales, customer, and inventory performance in real time right in your company’s chat platforms.

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Grow business with actionable insights

All the vital reports of your retail are built-in and ready to use. Close more sales and move your inventory faster.

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Collaborate better via chat app

Share your business reports in group channels. Transparent data brings your team together to move faster.

Interact fast with concise information

Assisty truly changes the way you interact with data everyday, every minute at retail. From C-levels to store staff, the chatbot empowers you to track information way faster and smarter. Just ask and see the results show up in seconds.

  • Chat or talk with the chatbot and receive instant results
  • Track goal numbers or trends with ease
  • Drill down to more dimensions for each question

Gain actionable insights beyond just the numbers

Fill the gap between retail data and your business values with reports addressing risks, issues, or opportunities. All those valuable insights can turn into actions immediately and help your business grow sustainably.

  • Built-in reports specifically for retail: sales, customer, inventory
  • Auto reporting & alerting to channels
  • Send notification to stakeholders

Keep your team in the loop about business trends

Stay on the same page and make decisions faster by bringing all retail data discussion into one place.

  • Ask the chatbot right in the communication channel
  • Comment under the results to discuss next actions
  • Download, share reports to others with ease

Work with common internal communication platforms

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