The All-in-One Business Analytics Platform for Shopify Merchants

Assisty provides Shopify merchants with an all-in-one analytics platform to track sales, inventory and customer behavior, improve product performance and grow their business

Unlock Your Business Potential with Assisty

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Optimize Inventory Levels

Optimize inventory levels with detailed history and current stock reports to avoid stockouts and improve sales.

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Analyze Sales Data

Analyze sales data with various reports including by product, location, collection and vendor to identify trends and make informed decisions

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Create Custom Reports

Create custom reports and save them for easy access and future reference to track specific metrics

Unlock Business Insights Effortlessly with Ready-to-Use Reports

Assisty simplifies data analysis for e-commerce merchants with ready-to-use reports. No need to spend hours building custom reports, simply select the metrics that fit your current needs and instantly access valuable insights. Streamline decision-making and optimize your business with Assisty’s user-centric approach.

  • Unlock insights instantly with pre-built reports
  • Easily access valuable data without analytics skills
  • Streamline data analysis and decision-making with our simple and intuitive reports

Flexible Analysis, Deep Insights

Our powerful data analysis capabilities give e-commerce merchants the flexibility to easily break down data, filter and select any time range, and choose from various visualization options, while still providing deep insights into their business. Unlock the full potential of your business with our flexible analysis.

  • Easily filter and breakdown data for custom analysis
  • Visualize data in multiple ways for a deeper understanding
  • Flexible and configurable data analysis for in-depth insights

Effortlessly Integrate and Automate Your Data Analysis

Assisty empowers e-commerce merchants to integrate and analyze data from multiple sources quickly. Blend data in one place, filter and select any time range, and choose from various visualization options. Automate data delivery via email or slack, and get a complete understanding of your business with Assisty’s powerful data analysis capabilities.

  • Easily integrate data from multiple sources.
  • Blend data together in one place for custom analysis.
  • Automate data delivery via email or slack.

Ready to become a data-driven retailer?